Our company specializes in the removal of artificial grass pitches with infill materials through our revolutionary CarpetBeater®.


CarpetBeater® is the new identity of the technology of artificial grass pitches that are equipped with infill materials. We want to share this technique with the market that deals with the removal of artificial turf by:

  • Selling home made machines,
  • Offering our service to dismantle a pitch for you

For this, we use a home made machine, called the Carpet Beater to pick up the grass and separate the infill from the grass on the pitch. This machine is able to separate the infill materials from the grass by beating it out. It is even possible to seperate different layered infill materials form eachother during the same run. Herewith we create 2 or 3 residual products which can directly be reused.

If an artificial pitch does not longer meets the technical requirements according to the current standards, we do not see this pitch necessarily as waste. Using our Carpet Beater for the dismantling of the artificial pitch, we make it possible to reallocate the residual products directly from the job site! In the context of sustanainable development and reducing the CO2 Footprint we prefer the reallocation of outcoming materials above recycling them.

We can offer you the dismantling of an artificial pitch with our Carpet Beater with a working width of 2,5m or 4,0m wide. The big machine is mostly being used if the grass can be reused, the smaller machine if the grass can not be reused.


We do not shy away from a challenge with self-developed machines and we are happy to help you find a solution for your challenge.


The CarpetBeater picks up the mat and the infill materials are removed by tapping the mat. It is also possible to remove the existing layers of different infill materials separately from each other in the same pass. This creates 2 or 3 residual products that are immediately suitable for reuse.


With our very complete fleet we keep transport under our own management and we can easily be deployed worldwide.


Do you have an artificial grass pitch and do you want to remove and / or reuse the pitch? Wondering if CarpetBeater is a suitable partner for your job? We recently renewed our website where you can see the various projects. Here you will find photos, videos and the extensive possibilities of advanced tools and techniques. Want to know more or make an appointment directly?

Paris saint-germain

The Parc des Princes stadium is one of the football temples that Paris has. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is currently the football club that uses the stadium as its home base.


Our carpetbeater machines are used when the artificial grass field has to be removed. Curious as to how we can help you?


Below you will find a selection of the projects of recent years where we have had a share or complete implementation.

Mostly regular clients with recurring projects.

  • FC Barcelona (ES)
  • Paris Saint Germain (FR)
  • Schaerbeek (BE)
  • Hamrun Malta (MT)
  • FC Luxol (MT)
  • PEC Zwolle (NL)
  • Sparta Nijkerk (NL)
  • HC Voorschoten (NL)
  • RBC Roosendaal (NL)
  • Jönsköping (SE)
  • Sevres (F)
  • Geneviéve de Bois (F)
  • Rungis (F)
  • FC Almere (NL)
  • AGOVV Apeldoorn (NL)
  • FC Volendam (NL)
  • AVV Swift Amsterdam (NL)
  • Zoetermeer (NL)
  • Utrecht (NL)
  • Nyon (CH)
  • Poligrass/Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Poligrass/Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Lesuco
  • Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • BAM – Nootenboom Sport
  • KSAB
  • Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Fieldturf Tarkett
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Ceelen Sport Constructies
  • Oranjewoud
  • Greenfields


After a long modification and improvement of our first CarpetBeater, we have finally managed to put a patented machine with the CE mark on the market that we fully support. A start was made in 2012 with the sale of the CarpetBeater.


The manufacture of the CarpetBeater can be filled in and adjusted to the wishes of the customer and is done entirely in-house. From all over the world, there is now a worldwide interest in the purchase of a CarpetBeater.


If you want to receive a quotation from the CarpetBeater without obligation, please contact Mr. S. Schuurman under number (+31) 6 – 518 04 873 or via email


The origin of the CarpetBeater was started by a question from a customer of Th. Schuurman & Son. B.V.


We have anticipated this and have developed a 1.8-meter machine. Initially, this machine could only beat the artificial grass and put the artificial grass on big slabs.


After a long period of thinking and improvement, Thomas Schuurman has been able to develop a machine that is now available in almost every size and can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer.


The CarpetBeater’s currently on the market have a size of 2.5, 4.0 and even 5.0 meters wide. These can now separate the infill from each other and put the artificial grass on roll, so that everything can be carried out in 1 pass.